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Who are we?
Wavelength members have a long history of making music in Chicagoland

Mike Pratt - Percussion, Lead Cowbell Stage name Michael P. hales from the far south suburbs of Chicago. Having been a rock drummer for decades, this life long Ludwig man, is influenced by such legends as the late great Neil Peart of Rush, Tommy Aldridge of Pat Traverse and Ozzy Osbourne, Neil Smith of Alice Cooper and even by the simplistic style of Ringo Starr. He started his musical journey singing, but quickly found refuge behind the drums with the band Big Deal and later as a member of Southside club circuit favorite, The Heat with Mark Pulice. Some of his favorite music ranges from Rush of course, to The Beatles to Black Sabbath, Kiss, and as heavy as Motörhead. Also the progressive sounds of Yes, Kansas and Genesis. Mike is ecstatic to rejoin talents with his long time friend and ex-bandmate Tom Harascsak to create perhaps, the most solid rhythm section on the planet. He is humbled and honored to join Wavelength’s quest for stardom.
Tom Harascsak - Bass, Vocals, Bass Cowbell Tom is a multi-instrumental song writer whose passion for playing bass began with his love for progressive rock. Inspired by the likes of John Entwistle, Chris Squire, John Wetton, and Geddy Lee, Tom started his first band, FAT in 1975. Then Tom played in several bands who played in the Battle of the Bands at Brementown Mall, including Odd Bodkins and Big Deal with Mike Pratt (now drummer of Wavelength). In 1980 Big Deal recorded two original songs. Over the years, Tom had the opportunity to play with the legendary Dominic Farrell, Laughing Sam’s Dice, Lary Dean’s Trytan and several contemporary worship bands. He still writes and records his own songs, many which can be found on YouTube. Already a big fan of Wavelength, Tom is looking forward to playing in front of a live audience again with his brother-in-law Mike in this incredible band.
Mark Pulice - Lead vocals, Keyboard, Guitar, Harmonica, Tamborine, Alto Cowbell Mark has been performing professionally since the age of 13 , venue's small and large . Working with such greats as Johnny Winter , Grand Funk and Foghat , Mark has learned from some of the best in the business how to keep his audience entertained and coming back for more .
William - Keyboards, Vocals, Piccolo Cowbell Having been involved with bands since the early/mid seventies, William brings with him a hard-rock mentality with prog-rock sensibilities. Early bands included S.R.O., Astoria, and Willy Cash and the Prophets (with members of Club44 and Five Guys Named Moe), playing the likes of Deep Purple, Uriah Heap, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Journey, Styx, and Yes. Taking a break thru the eighties, He then became involved in writing Musicals, and the Independent music/recording scene, having appeared on numerous independent releases (Echoes in Time, Transformation, Keep coming, Listen to Your Voice). Brought back into the live band thing by Club44, he continues to perform live with the same voracity, now with Wavelength. Influences include Jimmy Greenspoon, Greg Rollie, Jon Lord, Tony Banks, Jimmi Smith, and Rick Wakeman.
Tim Franklin - Lead/Rythm Guitar, Vocals, Cow Playing guitar since he was 10, Tim created his own style based mainly on the talents of David Gilmour. When others were focusing on how many notes they can play a second, Tim took the road of focusing on playing the right notes with feeling and style. Tim played with many bands over his long career. One band, Afterglow, toured the north midwest for three years. After leaving Afterglow, Tim worked on many projects with others and his own work. A short period with a band called Life Forms, Tim took some time off to work on solo material. He met William and started talking about forming a new band. Frequency, along with Mark Pulice on lead vocals played many venues. Tim currently plays with William, Mark, Mike and Tom in the regrouping of Frequency now called Wavelength.